Jharkhand Teachers Training (B.ED) College

Jhumari Telaiya, Koderma (Jharkhand)

Conducted Under Society
Registered Under Act 21 of 1860


B.Ed. Course

The student will follow the course prescribed by the V.B University for B.Ed students . The curriculam transaction will be as per N C T E norms.

History of education and comparitive education100 Marks
Educational Psychology & Mesaurement & Guidance100 Marks
Principle of education and educational sociology100 Marks
Educational administration and social & Health education100 Marks
Methods of Teaching (2 Schools Subjects)50+ 50 Marks
Practical Papers
practical Teaching of Method Subjects
1) method Subject
2) method Subject
Craft Work and extra mural activities150
A. Craft Work
i) External Examination
ii) Internal Examination
B . Extra Mural activities (Internal)
i) Physical Activities
ii)Educational servey of village or Mohalla withspecial reference to various problems arising out of population growth such as literacy , marriage , reproductive rate, family size , standard of living health etc.
iii) Cultural activities
iv) Social Education
Viii) Sessional work on each of the two
Practical Teaching Subjects
i) record of participation in critisim
Lesson (Internal)
ii) Record of practice lesson and Accounts of actual man made for teaching aids (Internal)
iii) Viva Voce particulraly on the contents of related school
subject (External)
10 x 2
40 x 2
25 x 2
Total Marks500

Lt. Anish Pankaj

M.A (History), (Pol.Sc.), LL.M