Jharkhand Teachers Training (B.ED) College

Jhumari Telaiya, Koderma (Jharkhand)

Conducted Under Society
Registered Under Act 21 of 1860

About College

The District of Koderma in Jharkhand is surrounded by many historical and religious place like wise Telaiya Dam, Mica Rajrappa Mandir, Bhadrakali Mandir Itkhori, Dhanbad Maithan Dam. Jharkhand Teacher’s Training College, Jhumri Telaiya, Koderma was established in the year of 2006 at the district headquarter of Koderma for imparting high standard of education to fulfil the desire of people of entire Hazaribag region. Jharkhand Teacher’s Training College is well equipped for the teaching of traditional an modern Education course of B.Ed. standard prescribed by the Vinoba Bhave University, Hazaribag. The Mahavidyalaya is under the Vinoba Bhave University, Hazaribag. N.C.T.E. Bhubaneshwar (Orissa) has given recognition to this college in the year 2009 and a fresh letter of NCTE (ERC) recognised has been issued on dt. 08.07.2013 vide letter no. 19438.

Way back in history, the Mahavidyalaya came into existence by active enthusiasm of the present Secretary Dr. D.N. Mishra, M.Com., M.A. (Eco.), M.A. (Eng.), LL.M. (Uttkal), Ph.D. L.L.D. Law Former PVC of BNMU (Bihar) His active superintendence, careful planning and matchless enterprise are matters to be remembered forever in connection with the Development of the college. Spontaneous Co-operation come during the establishment of this institution by various walk of people.

Aim & Objects

  1. To prepare committed teachers for schools for the state of Jharkhand and the country.
  2. To prepare well-equipped teachers to teach at Secondary and Senior stages in schools.
  3. To offer on all around training i,e. mental, physical, cultural, social, moral and spiritual.


The college aims at an integral growth of personality training of youthful men and women through in integral pedagogy-context, experience, reflection, action and evaluation-to be well motivated teachers who will be intellectually competent, morally, upright, socially committed and spiritually inspired. Further it aims at promoting values such as respect for common cultural heritage agatitarianism, democracy, secularism, equally of sexes, protection of environment, removal of social barriers, responsible use of mass media, transparency and probability in private and public life, observance of small family norms national unity and respect for religions and moral values
In addition to all these college aims at conducting in service programme for teachers and administrators already working in schools to develop the necessary skills of modern information technology and innovate practices.
The college undertakes research in relevant educational areas.

Lt. Anish Pankaj

M.A (History), (Pol.Sc.), LL.M