Jharkhand Teachers Training (B.ED) College

Jhumari Telaiya, Koderma (Jharkhand)

Conducted Under Society
Registered Under Act 21 of 1860

Secretary’s Desk

Providing ample opportunities in D.El.ed education is one of the most fundamental obligations we owe to our students because we are driven by the belief that every student deserves a high quality education.
Jharkhand Teachers’ Training college provides an interactions of great challenge and great opportunity for the students to review their efforts and to analyze their achievements in teaching method and development. Holistic efforts were taken in successfully organizing curricular and extra-curricular activities for escalating the overall personality of the students. A few mention include: exposure to staff to the latest trends, site visits for the students to breweries, participation in conferences etc. which in turn installed confidence, competence and commitment amongst the students.
We thank to N.C.T.E. (ERC) Bhubaneshwar JAC & JECDS members and team without whose support, this would have not been possible. The institute witnessed tremendous participation and pro-activeness from various sectors like College, Schools, Coaching centers, Government sectors in recruiting our trained and well-seasoed final years’ talents (B.Ed) at various levels in their organisations. This institute is developed to educate and serve the aims and objects of B.Ed./D.El.Ed. student communities at large through its lofty ideals and objectives. I thank to all our staff for their continuos support for the development of the Institute.

Our overall dream or vision is that Jharkhand Teachers’ Training College should emerge as the nerve centre in India with multidimensional activities with the objective to explore and develop to fulfill the potential that lies in each individual student and teacher.

Lt. Anish Pankaj

M.A (History), (Pol.Sc.), LL.M